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Support and challenge

I am an experienced UKCP-recognised supervisor (RS). I enjoy supervising individuals, dyads and groups. I supervise therapists and counsellors and supervisors working in private practice, as well as practitioners who have worked/volunteered in services such as the PF Counselling Service, Mindspace, LGBT Health & Wellbeing, NHS Lothian, First Psychology, Talk Matters and Addictions Counselling Inverness. I also supervise a number of organisational consultants and coaches with an interest in enhancing the psychological depth in their work.

I see supervision as a holding relationship in which we can flexibly explore the breadth of your professional life, with attention to head, heart and soul. I will seek to reflect with you on your work as a therapist, counsellor, supervisor, trainer, manager, coach or consultant in ways that benefit your clients/staff, and support your efficacy, presence, creativity, learning, growth and wellbeing. I enjoy working with practitioners at all stages of development, from a diverse range of therapeutic modalities and professional backgrounds. My substantial experience as a trainer can be helpful to experienced practitioners, trainers and trainees.

I come from a place of openness and enquiry. I like to co-create collaborative supervisory relationships where we can look closely, kindly and honestly at your (and our) work, notice overarching themes, find fresh perspectives and possibilities, enable subtle and not-so-subtle shifts. I see our embodied supervisory relationship as centrally important to this process. Similarly, I will be interested in the way you and your clients/staff are co-creating your embodied relationships. 

During supervision, we all may experience some uncertainty and vulnerability, as well as some affirmation, joy and satisfaction. I am sensitive to shame, anxiety and power dynamics. I aim to support people to bring as much of themselves and their work as they can, achievements as well as struggles. I also bring as much of myself as seems helpful. I enjoy working with creative materials as part of supervision. I am skilled at supporting the integration and embodiment of theory, as well as working at the place where supervision and personal therapy meet. I value the importance of supervision in upholding ethical standards and good practice. I aim to openly discuss any concerns I may have with you and find an appropriate course of action.


If you are interested in individual, joint or group supervision with me, please contact me for an initial session where we can explore the potential in our working relationship. Sessions normally cost £80/hour. We can agree the frequency which best suits your needs, workload and the stage of your journey. If we decide to work together then we will discuss and sign a written contract together, then review our work regularly thereafter.

'When supervision provides a space in which stories and problems are seen as a gateway to a new dimension of reality, rather than merely issues which need solving, for me at that moment it becomes "passionate supervision''. '

Encke, J. (2008) 'Breaking the Box - A Challenge to Free Ourselves' in Passionate Supervision, ed. Shohet, R.   Jessica KIngsley Publishers, London.

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