about me


I am an experienced UKCP-registered gestalt psychotherapist, UKCP-recognised supervisor (RS) and trainer based in Edinburgh (please click here for location map). I bring a relational embodied integrative approach.


I have been involved in gestalt for around 20 years. I began in gestalt as a therapy client and I see my own therapy as a central part of my professional development and support. I trained in gestalt psychotherapy at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute (EGI), and I was subsequently a member of the EGI training faculty and executive management team for around 10 years, until resigning from those roles in 2016 to free up time and energy to develop my other professional interests including writing and spirituality.  I now work independently as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in private practice. I supervise counsellors and therapists for the PF Counselling Service, Mindspace, and Addictions Counselling Inverness. I also offer independent supervision groups, CPD workshops and an ongoing CPD group for gestalt psychotherapists. Previously, I studied philosophy and english literature, and worked in the addictions and mental health fields in the voluntary and statutory sectors.

I continue my professional development through participating in advanced training, reading, writing and teaching. I also grow through, and enjoy, playing my flute, meditating, running, being in nature and spending time with people who are dear to me. I am influenced by, and respectful of, many spiritual traditions, particularly buddhism and shamanism.

I love working with people as a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. I love the transformations and connections which are possible through effective healing relationship. I love immediacy, spaciousness, mystery, alchemy, energetic flow, discovery. I love intelligent thought and poetic expression, joining up head, heart and soul.


my qualifications
  • Training and Supervising Member, GPTI (Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute)          

  • Supervision training, EGI (Edinburgh Gestalt Institute)                                                             

  • Diplomas in Gestalt Psychotherapy, EGI and GPTI                                                                      

  • BA (Hons), Philosophy and English, University of Cambridge                                                  

2011 (resigned Dec 2019)


2000 - 2007


code of ethics

I am committed to ethical practice and I subscribe to the UKCP code of ethics - please click to view.

'Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the earth.'   Rumi